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Steak  牛排(菜单的部分介绍)

Sirloin Steak (8oz 220g)

Hand cut tender, juicy Certified Angus Beef® Sirloin Steak,
We serve in sizzling steak plate

Certified Angus Beef®莎朗牛排

Hamburger Steak (8oz 220g)

Tender,juicy Certified Angus Beef®
Hamburger Steak(8oz) mixed
with original recipe and mushroom sauce.

Certified Angus Beef®汉堡牛排

Seafood Brochette and Tenderloin Steak (5oz)

Grilled assorted seafood brochette and juicy Tenderloin steak (5oz)

海鲜烤串和 菲力牛排(140g)

Lobster Thermidor (1/2) and Tenderloin Steak (5oz)

Lobster gratin (1/2) and juicy Tenderloin steak (5oz)


Roast Lobster (16oz) and Tenderloin Steak (5oz)

Roasted tender juicy Lobster (15oz) and juicy Tenderloin steak (5oz)

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